So, Let's Talk Technique

Art and strategy combined, your technique dictates your final design. Marrying together your application and formulation, the technique you apply will also solely depend on what you’re trying to achieve and the type of hair you’re working with. Every single canvas will require its own personalized technique that will shift depending on your client’s hair goals and the impact you’ll want to have.

Knowing which techniques to apply, and most importantly HOW to apply them is a skill that will fundamentally make or break your final results. In this pillar, we’re diving into teaching you how to create the exact negative space vs. lightness you’re trying to achieve, the placement patterns you need to know, the different types of teases and layering strategies. All the essential elements of your techniques to perfect your design ratio and start blending like a pro!

Become a Bougee Blend Expert

Application & Technique Courses